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Thread: Lance Armstong on Opra

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    Ruthless ,calculating,decieving, all of these.Armstrong's fall is compleat,now the fallout.,Lawsuits esp.Brit. Newspaper Sunday Times who paid out 1 MIl. for Libel Suite.I'm sure more to come.

    Guy's who win multible tours are not exactly shrinking violets.The greats-- Jacques Anquetil--,often not popular wt. the public because he won too much,In 1961 he held the yellow jersey fr. the second stage all the way to the final stage,no mercy.

    The Great Eddy Merckx--called the Cannibal--Fierce competitor,won more stages over his career than anyone.Got punched in the kidneys by a spectator in his last tour.

    Bernald Hinault-The Badger,an animal who will not let go of his prey-Tough as nails 5 time tour winner.On his 5th tour he took a bad fall,blood running down his face & broken nose,obstructed his breathing for the rest of the tour.As he fell back,Lemond his teammate was ordered back so Hinault could win the tour.Lemond at this point could have won the tour,but could not take advantage of his team leaders misfortune.So Hinault won his fifth tour & promised to help the young American win the next one.

    1986 tour Hinault forgot his promise,wanting to win a 6th tour,he went on the attack as Lemond fell 4.5 min. back he could not believe it.Ruthless, calculating,decieving,oh my goodness,bring in the politically correct police.To Lemonds credit he got tough & eventually hammered his way to victory.

    Just watching the first Opra,looks like Armstrong's goose is cooked,not any credibility at this point.

    Almost all posts are negative.Many taking glee in what a piece of crap he is.Just remember it is so easy to tear somebody down,esp when they are in the dirt.It took being backed into a corner & his titles stripped,for him to come clean with no other option left,I feel if he could have gotten away wt. he would never admit it.Serious character flaws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithsaltydog View Post
    I feel if he could have gotten away wt. he would never admit it.Serious character flaws.

    But...I believe keith made an excellent point. Fame has become more important to him than anything else.

    A foolish man indeed.

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