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Thread: What causes the profile of a knife to flatten after multiple sharpenings?

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    i think i need to reshoot this for a better quality video and also a better explanation... i hope to do this soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bechler View Post
    And what does that do? I have seen numerous techniques when sharpening the tip and i want to get an opinion on which ones are the most effective. Thanks!
    Jon's video will teach you to sharpen the tip. The silhouette will help you maintain the profile so you can figure out if you've sharpened the correct amount to maintain the original profile.
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    Wow John you make that look so easy. Now to try to do that ambidextrous.
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    That's a really cool technique, John. Thanks for sharing it! I don't usually feel as though I have any issues with my tips (or profiles), but I'm definitely going to have to give that a try - it looks wicked easy. Thanks again.

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    i sharpen ambidextrously. heavily left handed biased tho. lol.

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    Yes, Jon please reshoot that video: we want to see another one of your awesome t-shirts!!!

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