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Thread: This is about Colin and It's not good guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    Damn... I hope he comes out of it okay.

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    my prays is with you Colin

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    These forums are a weird thing. I may have not met many of you, but through hundreds of posts, each persons essence is revealed... I think we're probably more honest here than in the real world. I bet if many of us met face to face, it'd be like catching up with old friends...there'd be plenty to talk about. Colin is a colorful character, and god willing, he'll be back to entertain us all again soon.
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    God speed on your recovery Colin.
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    Well said, Chris.

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    Alright guys this is the latest and maybe the last for a little while. they are a bit overwhelmed by all this. Without going into too much further detail, I will be editing some of the emails as it is information of a private matter. I hope you all understand. Some things we all know and somethings we shouldn't.

    Hello, Son
    I will check the forum when I can but I hope you (and everyone there) understands if I don't contribute directly. Getting involved there would be a little overwhelming time wise for me right now. I also don't want to invade Colin's space/ personal life more then I see needed. I logged him off as to not create any confusion and stop the popups, there is no way I'm going to go threw and read any private messages he has there.
    To quickly address a few things I read there. First a few weeks ago when I was getting the rest of Colin's things put together Marissa and I came across five or so packages containing items that looked like he intended to mail out so Marissa did so. The one to "Butch" I remember, name stood out. It was labeled "send to Butch" in a box addressed to him. If it was not meant to go to you I'm sorry, if you could just hold on to it till Colin comes back around.

    As for the eBay auctions, from what I found it looks like Colin had a bunch of things already set up to sell on eBay. They were all kind of together and when I got his iPad I found listings already written up. His wife did liquidated all of "there assets", there wasn't much any of us could do about that. But pertaining to the eBay auctions that's all me. I'm doing it threw his account and the money goes into his PayPal account that she does not have assess to.
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    I really hope Colin pulls through, i enjoyed chatting with him. My best to him, from myself and my family.

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    ok ill hold on to his stuff that was sent to me "butch" if you coudl let the fam know and in the hopes that he gets back on his feet i ll have them

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    Thanks for taking the reigns with communicating this to us Son.

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    Its good to know about his e-bay account. I tagged him if something else came up for auction, that I could possibly help out that way.
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