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Thread: 2 Day in food (Mari in Osaka)

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    2 Day in food (Mari in Osaka)

    Hello from Japan, my dear friends! It's super frigid here, because there is no central heating in this house and I fear my hands are going to freeze off while I'm typing. Thankfully I'm warming up in my grandma's amazing kotatsu.



    In Osaka, getting ready for our okonomiyaki~.

    Cubed steak

    Fluffy cheese okonomiyaki


    Soba fried rice with chopped up soba.

    Cream puff breakfast

    Milk tea cream puff

    Mister Donut's pon-de-ring. It has mochi/tapioca powder in the mixture to make the donut super chewy and delicious.

    My attempt to show chewiness.

    Takoyaki in the making

    Dotonbori in Osaka: Food central of Osaka.

    Clearly not food, but we went to the aquarium in Osaka and got to see a penguin march outside. Super adorable and made 14 hours on the plane worth it.

    Capibara at the aquarium! Capibara are the world's largest rats. It was the size of a normal pig.

    Japan's famous jinbei-same (whale shark)

    I chomped into it before taking a picture. Sorry, I couldn't wait. lol

    My ideal breakfast.

    Some mornings... You just need a drink to get through the day... My all of .3% alcohol yogurt cocktail.

    Thanks for looking!
    I'll post more food soon.

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    Looks great, I'm sure your having an amazing time keep us posted on the food and pics of any knives you see would be cool.

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    totally jealous of all that tasty food! Hope you're having a great time.
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    Beautiful pictures, thank you!
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    Some cool pic's keep them coming please
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    Looks like a great trip so far!

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