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Thread: synthetic aoto cracked, replacement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pleue View Post
    I have an xl synthetic aoto stone and worry about cracking so I permasoak it. Does that help? If lacquering is a good way to stabilize it, does anyone have a lacquer recommendation? Sorry about your loss, quite a bummer.
    i lacquered and perma-soaked mine, and it still fell apart.

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    It's been a hit/miss from what I can tell. I've permasoaked mine and let it dry out once and it broke in half on me soon after that. The next time I had one I permasoacked it but made sure to never let it dry out (though I did forget to put it back in water once), and I didn't have any problems. And other people have permasoaked the synthetic aoto with no problems at all. And I've read just as many people talk about how it broke right in half on them.

    I'd say the most careful was to use the stone is as a splash-n-go. And honestly I'd be careful of getting an X-large size cause it could break under its own size and weight. Unfortunately, it's really a hit or miss kind of stone. But it's a damn good stone, so I'll have no regrets buying another one after another one.

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