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Thread: Homemade Ice Cream

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Today's ice cream was probably my tastiest ever. I had frozen some rhubarb from the summer, so I made a rhubarb ice cream and a macha tea/pistachio crumble to go over the top. It was outstanding, and I need to write down the recipe before I forget how I did it.
    I had a lemon sorbet with candied pistachio nuts crumbled on top at Chez Panisse last summer, and it was amazing.

    Hope you'll try this again and post the recipe for us!

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    At that price, it certainly is a good choice and it will pay off very quickly. And remember, you are in full control of the ingredients and their proportions so there are many things you can tweak to make your ice cream lighter

    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    Great to hear that my choice is promising. I am not into too many sweet things, and among the few, ice cream is my favorite. And the local gelato or the Haagen Dazs I like are so pricy that $220 for a compressor machine should pay off in the not so distant future. Considering the weight issue, I hope that I will find a few nice frozen yoghurt or sorbet recipes I like and can make at home...


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