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Thread: New to real knives with a new Hiromoto AS 210

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    New to real knives with a new Hiromoto AS 210

    Hi, I'm new to knives, I didn't realize how new!

    Been using a Zwilling 8" Chef's, with a slicing and paring knife for pretty much everything for 20 years. And doing without sharpening it (!) hardly ever, or steeling it. No wonder i wanted a new knife. A rivet came off so I'm sending it to zwilling to see if it can be repaired or what they suggest. I didn't beat it up or put it in the dishwasher.

    Meanwhile, I just bought a Hiromoto AS but realize I haven't a clue about caring for it properly--or even if it's at it's proper sharpness to begin with.

    I actually recognized David Martell's name from other forums, which means I'm learning something.

    Been reading and watched a video about honing and stropping. Even think a piece of cardboard with metal polish might be a nice thing just because it's so low tech. But I don't know what the optimum sharpness for this knife is. Or how to keep it that way with other tools. Or how I can tell what angle the blade is at. I'm also a little scared of the sharpness. Should I take a class for technique? I didn't know you could be a nerd about knives! I mean there's terminology and everything!

    My Hiromoto doesn't push cut paper out of the box--Do I need it that sharp?!

    Lots of questions. I guess, like anything, when you look deeply things become much more amazing.
    Thank you for this forum.

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    Welcome Elizabeth, sounds like you've come to the right place! I would say the optimum sharpness for your AS would be the level at which you're comfortable. Usually, sharper is better and you will have to work your way up to that by practice. You might want to consider picking up a stone or two, and possibly a sharpening instructional video.

    I would bet that all the members here started out pretty much like you....I certainly did. This is a great communuty and we're glad to have you.

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    Welcome! I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. Now my purse is much lighter and my time in the kitchen is much more enjoyable. You will be amazed by how much faster & easier a good performing, sharp knife makes food preparation.
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    Welcome aboard, Elizabeth!

    Yeah, there's a lot to learn but it looks like you're already off to a good start. As you become increasingly comfortable with your knife and with sharpening, you'll find your preferences for how you like your edge will change. At first it will indeed be about getting sharper than out of the box. Then it'll get a bit more nuanced. At least that's probably how it'll go if you really get into it.

    Using good technique is definitely advisable. Good technique plus good knives makes things safer as well as more enjoyable. A class offered by a cooking school or other such thing in your neighborhood is a very fast way to get started on good cutting technique.

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    Welcome Elizabeth!

    Send your knife to Dave Martell to be sharpened and maybe thinned.

    Figure out how to sharpen in the meantime. If my mother can use a strop, so can you.

    Enjoy the forum!
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    Welcome to KKF!

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    Welcome, Elizabeth!

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    Yes, I have the feeling my pockets will soon become lighter, as well!
    I look forward to sifting through these posts for nuggets of wisdom. You have all been so kind and helpful, already. Perhaps I'll be less shy with Hiromoto tomorrow.
    Still amazed at this rabbit hole I've fallen down and excited about this new journey.
    Thank you all again for making me feel so welcome!


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    Welcome to Kitchen Knife Forums!

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    Welcome to KKF, Elizabeth!

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