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Thread: Guess Who's Back??!

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    very nice!

    waiting on delivery of a new computer, but only i7-3770 processor and much less RAM. Geforce 660 TI graphics card.

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    Just a little heads up for the new to Win8 crowd:

    Win8 isn't all That stable yet, better than a few months ago, but still... FYI.
    Also, it doesn't handle eternal devices too well and it takes a fair bit of getting used to for navigation.
    It feels pretty light and crisp compared to Vista, can't say I prefer it over 7 though.

    That's a bad looking machine man. You can process all sorts of media with 6 cores and RAM for days, spooling from the SSD and archiving on the spinning disk. With bells and whistles like this I'm kind of surprised you don't have a redundant archive storage.

    Congrats! I look forward to some new vids

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    Sweet! 64Gigs rocks! Wondering if 8 allows you to direct core usage?
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    Nice! I expect we'll be seeing some new vids sooner than later, yes?
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    So does this mean that Microsoft will get Windows 8 tweaked just in time for the release of Windows 9?

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    With so much ram I can use a ram cashe to speed along frequently used processes also I can create a ram drive where video editing and rendering will be like 10 times faster than even the ssd can perform.

    So far win 8 is pretty awesome. Extremely fast and stable, just takes a minute to get used to but I all makes sense after a few.

    So today begins the tweaking process. I haven't overclocked yet and not sure if I will but this machine can handle that with ease. I'll keep you guys posted and for sure the videos should be a breeze. Just have to download and install allllllll of my programs again since I'm on Windows 8 now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post
    64GB of RAM? Why so much?
    more memory helps with video editing
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    Yeah thanks for the info. I have never head of a PC with so much. Mine has 8 and I notice no difference from my old PC which had 2, though apart from the odd game I am not asking too much of it

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    Is it obsolete yet?
    Spike C
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    That's quite a machine

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