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Thread: Shaving head with a nakiri

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajhuff View Post
    Maybe I should start a new thread. Got my Gem today. Shaved a third of my face with it. Not impressed so far. My Power Fusion shaved the other 2/3 faster and didn't feel like it was pulling tbe hairs out. Wasn't even a close contest. I'll give the old fashion blade a few more attempts though.

    From the sound of it, uou are experiencing what most do when starting with traditional gear.
    There is a slight learning curve to that Gem, what with proper beard prep, stretching and angles.

    That said, it will deliver super smooth shaves once mastered.

    Oh, and just for clarity, the only thing the modern Fusion et al systems have going for it is speed.
    So don't expect to do it as fast traditionally as with the modern systems.
    On all other measurable factors, the traditional wet-shave wins it by a mile
    IMHO that is

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    I haven't given up yet. I'll give it a fair shake. I read lots of forums regarding shaving the head with DE razors. It looked to me that about 8 out of 10 tried and went back to a cartridge razor. I can certainly understand why. Shaving the back of the head blind is NOT easy with the DE/SE razor. Holding the razor upside down is difficult; being head heavy it wants to slip out of my hand. The short metal handle on mine is not a good combo either. Would definitely prefer a handle about 2 inches longer, bigger round and probably plastic for the back of my head.

    Interesting the most popular choice for the head seemed to be the Mach 3 which surprised me.

    When my head stop bleeding I'll try it again. LOL. Probably another 2 or 3 days.

    On the face, it was much easier today. So I would say that with 5 days beard growth Fusion wins. With 1 1/2 days growth they are equal. Took the same amount of time. I can't tell any difference in smoothness or closeness or irritation. I have a tough beard. Those stupid indicator strips Gillette uses are gone after one shave for me. If I can get three shaves out of a Fusion blade I've done good. I can't get under my nose with the Gem so I have to get the Fusion out anyway for that. So the Fusion wins again there.

    Will keep at it a few more times.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Scraping an already shaved head with a dull knife is
    words out of my mouth

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    That gnome should grow some hair on his dome if he wants to impress us.

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    Just to revive an old thread,been using DE little over 4 months.Now I'm into shaping a chin beard.I enjoy shaving more,takes a little more time than the throw aways,but the shave is deff. better.After using blades out of a sample diff. countries,I have choosen the Feather Blades fr. Japan as my favorite.They cut so clean & close.I liked the Astra Fr. Russia too.

    Thanks you guys for introducing the joy of shaving.

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