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Thread: FS: Natural Finisihing stone (Shoubudani Kiita lv 3.5), Yoshihiro Usuba, Hiromoto 270 AS gyuto

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    FS: Natural Finisihing stone (Shoubudani Kiita lv 3.5), Yoshihiro Usuba, Hiromoto 270 AS gyuto

    I have up for sale three items.

    The first is a Japanese natural finishing stone, a Shoubudani Kiita with light Karasu lv 3.5, that I picked up from Maxim of JNS a year and a half ago. The stone is in perfect shape. I will include a tomo nagura stone for raising mud on the natural with purchase. The stone leaves an excellent edge and works well at generating a kasumi finish. I have used it mainly on my single bevel knives. I originally paid slightly over $200 for the stone, and am asking $175 for it now, shipped.

    Second is a Yoshihiro White #2 Usuba, effectively brand new. The knife has never been sharpened and when I received it I tested the edge on a cucumber. Other than that, the knife has seen no use - I simply never had the time to learn to use an usuba. The knife was originally purchased from Jon at JKI. I believe that it is the same knife as is currently being sold on his site under his Gesshin Uraku label, although I have not verified that. New, the knife sells for $180. I am asking for $150, shipped.

    I would refer anyone interested in either of the above to a thread I posted a while back on a Yoshihiro deba:

    This thread details my sharpening experience with this line of Yoshihiro knives. The knife pictured is a deba (which I still own and love). The factory finish on the Usuba is comparable to that shown of the deba in that thread. Also, you can see the finish I was able to achieve with the Shoubudani Kiita in pictures and a video of the finish in said thread.

    Finally, I am also selling my 270 Hiromoto AS gyuto. This knife is older and has had the edge sharpened several times (5-10). It has never been thinned. I am asking for $125 for this knife, shipped.

    Reasonable offers for each of the above will be considered. Please PM me if you have any questions. I will also ship either of the knives to they buyer's professional sharpener of choice if you wish. I will post pictures as soon as I can of each of these items.

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    PM sent regarding stone.

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    Here are some pics and additional details:

    The stone:

    The stone is approximately 19.5 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm.

    The usuba:

    I forgot to give the usuba's length! 180 mm.

    And finally the Hiromoto:

    If there are any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

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    PM on the Hiromoto -

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    pm sent regard usuba

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    Hiromoto is SOLD. The others are still available!

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    Both the stone and the usuba are sold pending payment.

    Thanks guys!

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    Ok, guys, the stone is back up for sale!

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    Might as well bump

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