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Thread: Shun Yanagiba Sharpening

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    Shun Yanagiba Sharpening

    Just did this one today... thought you guys might enjoy pics

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    Nice. Could you tell us the stones used?

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    Big wheel, gesshin 600, gesshin 1200 prototype, gesshin synthetic aoto prototype, gesshin 4k, gesshin 5k, and gesshin 6k

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    Nice. I've never seen one with a properly ground ura, they've always had a small but obtuse bevel cut into the back.

    Looking forward to hearing about that synthetic aoto you're testing.

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    Some lucky guy owns that knife!

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    i'm just waiting on the "synthetic aoto" to get here... i feel like all of my projects are running slow as of late

    sorry guys

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    Jon, how big is your big wheel?

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    Liking the faux kasumi finish.
    Just wondering from your progression whether 4k, 5k, 6k was just because you had them, or other benefits e.g. Speed, consistency etc?

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    The stones were all used for different things... some on the backside some on the front

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