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Thread: Long time chef wanting to re-handle

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    Long time chef wanting to re-handle

    Hello everyone!

    I have read a lot of post on here and figure I might as well become a member so I could share with you all as well.

    I am wanting to make and then re-handle a 240 gyuto of mine. The Ho wood is pretty worn now so I have decided to upgrade with something that I create myself. I have done some wood and metal working as a hobbyist but have never tried at making a wa handle until now. I have some curly birch, African blackwood for a ferrule , 3mm nickel-silver for spacers, and some reindeer antler. I'm going to attempt an octagonal shaped handle for my first one. I have an idea of what I want to make but I would like to know how people prefer to make them. Mortise and tenon and dowel seem to be the preferred method with use of slow cure epoxy. What are your opinions on what to use and advantages/disadvantages of doing so? Also does anyone out there have any pictures of a step by step method from wood block to finished handled knife? I haven't found any series of pictures that were from start to finish. I've always been a visual learner. Thank you for anyone that can provide me with any additional insight on the matter.

    Thanks everyone,


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    Welcome, I am fairly new to handle making but would be glad to help out. If you're ever near Charlotte I'd be happy to show you how I'm doing it.
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    The dowel method is the easiest, word of caution on the antler...everytime I used Carbiou, even stuff that had been on the tundra for years, shrank. I would think about getting it stabilized first.

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    Welcome Draper

    I'm moving this thread over to the shop talk forum in hopes that you get some responses on your handle making questions there. Either way, good luck with that venture.

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    I'd like to see a step by step for a wa as well. I have been shopping with Mark and now i have some knives that are to be practiced on....
    That said there are scattered info on this and the old forum which when you add the pieces should give you most of the info.

    Welcome by the way!

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    I've seen some pretty good western WIPs, but the wa must be a guarded secret...
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    Greetings Draper! Make sure your wood is stabilized or you will have future issues. BTW, this subforum is where I found most of the information used to do my own. I use a dowel with the 2 pieces and have had no issues--other than cracking a handle when installing. Good luck!
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