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Thread: Cheap way to practice sharpening on single bevel knives?

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    May 2011
    I've been thinking of making the leap to single-beveled knives for a while too. While I am not quite there yet (lack of space being the main factor - having to safely store something that could take off a finger in the blink of an eye), I have been looking around and the best option seems to be these which are intended for the Japanese home user market. I already have a 180mm Yo-deba from this series and it's (as far as I can tell) perfect: blade is straight and it's properly convexed. I assume the steel is something inexpensive and of the SK-? variety at 58-59.

    You can get the cheap, plain handle for $59 or the lacquered (Akebono) handle for $71. I was planning on getting the lacquered at first because it's less likely to get all mucky with swarf but the plain handle may be more 'non-slip'.

    For something more upmarket, Koki has some Masahiro carbon and stainless lines featured on his wholesale website (prices shown are wholesale but he will give you a retail quote on request); JCK's Fujiwara FKV series is another sound option - the steel is unspecified 'VG-something' - I asked but Fujiwara Kanefusa was not forthcoming on the specific variety - I have the nakiri from this series and it's a pretty good performer; good edge/decent retention.

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    Seb, I'm fairly certain I have the 210mm version of the yanagis you listed (fairly certain because I acquired the knife second hand) and aside from an over grind near the heel the f and f is pretty darn good. The standard handle is definitely the worst part of the knife though.

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