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Thread: WTT: (my) Sabatier Nogents for Edge Pro Apex

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    WTT: (my) Sabatier Nogents for Edge Pro Apex

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking to trade my 10" Sabatier Nogent Slicer, 6" Sabatier Nogent Utility (slicer) and 3" Sabatier Nogent Parer for an Edge Pro Apex 3 or Apex 2 with aftermarket stones.

    The knives all come with original boxes. They have all received a satin horizontal finish and the spines have been rounded. These are all tranchelard patterned knives--the classical French pattern--and they are extremely thin. I bought two sets, one for my house and one for travel, but the travel set simply doesn't get used and I've wanted to try an EP out for a while. These knives have been sharpened a couple times and that's it.

    Looking for a trade straight across.


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    I'll take that deal. PM sent.


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    Congrats to both!
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    Still available.

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    I am also open to trades on knives. However, it must be equal in value and something of interest. I would consider trades on a petty or gyuto.

    Would love a Carter petty style knife.


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