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Thread: Beginner setup in UK. AKA: What else to buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bathonuk View Post
    I bought some items from Koki few times and I never had to pay any custom duty fee except the last one. I bought Nakiri and petty Furinkazan and there was only few dollars on the box but I had to pay very little custom fee (not much) and handling fee which was about 10£. I still don't understand why I had to pay it. Customs in UK are bad...
    I've never heard of anyone paying fees after ordering from Koki, though maybe if you buy multiple knives he can't really value it at $20

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Thanks for the link. Everything you need to know in one youtube playlist. I have been watching the Mark ******** videos, and I think between those and Jon's videos I feel ready to start sharpening. Time to order some stones!

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