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Thread: Richmond Addict Upgrades

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Good plan Dave.

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    I just received the first addict knife to play with. My initial impression is that it's a Watanabe with not so great F&F (epoxy glob on the handle & sharp choil is why I say this - the spine rounding and blade finish is nice) but it's a little too thick behind the edge. The edge itself appears to be buffed over and as a result is rounded and slick - will not slice or push cut paper. The profile is surprisingly quite nice although it falls into a belly rocker type knife more than most but makes good contact along it's length.

    I think that what it needs more than anything is thinning on the lower portion of the blade. I'll talk this over with the owner and see if this is something that we will try or not. I'll report back on what we end up doing.
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    Looks like Mark @ CKTG has just put up an option to have these knives "finished sharpened" by one of his guys which is cool, but just to be clear, this is not what I'm offering. I'm offering to regrind the blade face to make the knife perform a lot better and then finish sharpen. I think that this distinction between edge and blade work is important to note.

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    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on these.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I just finished working on the first Addict and I now have a good idea of what it'll take to do this job. The steel is very gummy and loads up the coarse Blaze belts real bad (something I haven't seen before) but it's do-able none the less.

    I'll be sending this back out to the customer tomorrow morning for his critique. If he says it works better than this service is a go. :smile1:

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    These are the before (OTB) pictures.

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    Here are the after pictures. I didn't do much more than a stock finish on the blade, it's been thinned from spine to edge bevel, most of the logo is gone although you can faintly see it in the right light set up, the choil has been smoothed over, and the handle has been oiled/waxed since it looked dry - I wish I could have done something with that glue glob though. So in the end it doesn't look all that much different but I'm pretty sure it's a whole new knife performance wise now.

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    I dropped my addict as well as my Konosuke 150mm White #2 petty off at Fedex and shipped them to you for some TLC.

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    Yee-haw, that is one ugly blade/handle transition!
    Spike C
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    Yee-haw, that is one ugly blade/handle transition!
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