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Thread: Some new Suita Stones

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    Some new Suita Stones

    I'm finally about to start testing these stones... just finished taking the product photos. I thought i would share the photos with you guys before i started testing them. As soon as i finish testing, they will be up for sale.

    Here's a link to the rest of the facebook gallery:

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    Very purdy... and big

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    Two are up on the website and the other is being held for a bit (as i had someone waiting for it)...

    also, i put the monzento back in stock

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    Jon, beautiful stones! what's the finish like from the suita in the middle? How does it compare to the takashima awasedo you carry?

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    Here are pictures of the stones in use and the resultant finishes
    (in the same order as above)

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    Wow, nice finish.
    Starting this harvest I'm a starving startling artist/
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