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Thread: Small scimitar test knife.

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    That's a very handsome blade Mike. And gone in less than 60 minutes too.

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    Cool beans!

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    Thanks for the kind words fellas

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    Holy sheeet!
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    Very sexy knife Mike. Well done!
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    Very nice knife! Please excuse the newbie question, but what is a knife of this shape generally used for?

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    Scimitar is usually used to break down large cuts of meat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Davis View Post
    Scimitar is usually used to break down large cuts of meat.
    Thanks, Mike! I appreciate you taking the time to answer... I have seen several (cool) examples on this forum, but always wondered what tasks best suit this knife.

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    Dam I should have looked at this thread some time ago. Not like I had any money for it. Sweet knife Mike, great looking hamon. don't see many blue handles here, love it.
    Chewie's the man.

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