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Thread: Stripping the KU from a Carter

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    Stripping the KU from a Carter

    Does anyone have any experience stripping the Kuro uchi finish off a Carter?
    I'm considering removing the KU and rounding the spine and putting a hand rubbed finnish on my 180mm funayuki. I'm just concerned how reactive the cladding will be once it's exposed?
    Any experience would be greatly appreciated
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    I'm not a big fan of taking it off. Once you do it they are never the same. They don't react the way they should.

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    Isn't the cladding stainless?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    Isn't the cladding stainless?
    Not on Carter's KU knives.

    Removing the kuru-uchi finish will expose soft iron, which is fairly reactive.

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    i removed the KU finish on a Yoshihiro, and the cladding was quite reactive, though i was eventually able to pacify it with multiple etches with barkeeper's friend.

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    I took the KU finish off a Tojiro ITK Petty and it took a while for it to settle down after.

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    No personal experience or knowledge at all. Just remember someone explaining that the soft iron won't take a patina.

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    The soft iron will eventually calm down but only with a heavy patina. I have not seen a stripped KU keep a polished look and function well.

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    I have two Tijiro ITK knives with the KU stripped. Took FOREVER to slow down, and still acts up on onions at times. But now that it has slowed down a bit, it's much much better than the KU that came on these knives, and let's the White #2 shine without the cappy finish to take away from the enjoyment when using (those of us who know, the Tojiro KU is awful) but I'm not sure how the cladding will be on a carter.
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    I purchased a Carter KU wa-bocho from his clearance section. He removed the kuru-uchi finish on this knife himself and i've had no problems with it.

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