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Thread: Talk about a Class Act

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    I've had both too...

    Sara note + wrapping > Jon note + wrapping.

    I have only gotten the Sara note + wrapping, they must like me more.

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    Oh yeah, well last time I bought something I got gift wrapping, hot tea, and I got to play with Jon's stones. Lol

    Really great service at JKI.

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    Awesome service and products! Gift wrapping and notes are icing on the cake. Though I feel rather left out on the tea...
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Thanks for sharing your experience & recommending JKI. I find myself browsing their site every couple of days & I can't wait to visit the next time I'm in LA.

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    it's all about the service and JKI is top notch

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    I have just done a couple of small orders through them, but the second note recognized the first order (Suisins for gifts). Small touches mean a lot for most people, especially in the current world of discount internet shopping.

    Eventually will make it into their shop.....and probably get another knife that I absolutely don't need at this point, but will probably love

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    Now I'm really excited. I just ordered my Gesshin Ginga 240mm White #2 Wa-Gyuto this morning from JKI!

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    Sorry guys. Just I was wondering if they can discount if you request that there is no special note and wrapping?

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    Yes another recommendation to JKI from my side.

    Jon really took the time to make sure that everything is ok with my order
    Would love to visit the shop one day with a punch of cash in my pocket

    Thank you guys

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