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Thread: What's your basher?

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    i've put my suisin western inox through a lot of ****, always bounces back and never chips. i wouldn't whack a coconut open with it though

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    Oct 2012
    This week it has been a Village Blacksmith cleaver from my vintage cleaver collection (the one on top). I put a new edge on it with my EdgePro and it has endured multple acorn squash, smashing garlic, cutting up home made pizza after it was used to pull the pizza out of the oven with the flat side.

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    For me, it's usually one of two old German chefs -- one Henckels, and one Wusthof. Easy to dull; hard to break.

    For a coconut, though, I'd probably head out to the back porch and make short work of it with a machete.

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