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Thread: Who's got one of these?

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    That,s the front sight
    Like Jon said frozen food knife .
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    Interesting.... So... Is that the verdict? Do we know who makes these?

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    Is the user supposed to rest his palm on that thing on the front?

    Sounds a little painful...

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowtyper View Post
    Huh.interesting...the other day I was just thinking there must be a better way of cutting frozen foods. When we make sausage, we use frozen meat. Thawed a little, but pretty damn frozen and I just use a crappy house knife to hack it to pieces, but its a real pain (and strain on my body).
    It's much easier to pre-cut the meat into strips, lay em out on a sheet pan and par freeze before grinding...
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    We used to attached a knob of sorts on the front of a large chef knife when I worked at a bbq place. The idea was it was so messy and saucy that when using the knife to press down through bones or cartilage it would prevent slipping.

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    I'd want some TruGlo sights on the rear though.


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    That's a shark of a knife . . . just when you thought it was safe to go back into the kitchen . . .
    Wow, what sort of steel is that to be able to take that kind of punishment like whacking it on frozen food?

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    Frozen food... PFFH!
    It's pretty obvious that this is the coldwar-atomic-submarine-threat-tribute-knife.
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    A few makers produce these things. My Sakai Takayuki catalog lists 300 & 330mm versions.
    I've never seen anyone actually use one though, and don't have a clue what the 'fin' is for.
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