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Thread: Kitchen Horror Stories?

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    Brainsausage, That's the kitchen I thought I worked in until about a month ago. That feeling is starting to return for me (though my knives will, I think, forever live in the office when I'm off). I really do have a very good, honest crew and the sushi bar (the other kitchen) is staffed with the same. Just a fluke jackass I guess, it's gonna happen from time to time. Makes me appreciate the solid peeps that much more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    I want to poop on all of them.
    I almost made this my signature line.


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    I don't mind people using my knives if they ask, but it does piss me off if I get a very short break and don't bother putting my knives away and come back to find them covered in stuff and all over the kitchen. There is also the time this happened to my beloved Konosuke

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