I'm board, a little tipsy, alone in the kitchen, and waiting for bread to proof and some wort to boil, so I figured it was time to finally do something with that vintage cleaver I bought a few months ago.

I took the handle off, and ground down the tang cleaning up the rust. I already had the handle off my Tojiro ITK 210 guyto, so I tried a dry fit. It was perfect. So I burned th crap out of the Ho Wood, after protecting the plastic furrel (was going to anyway, have before and it works nice) then burned in th handle. Here are a few pics, an one next to a 1303 for comparison.

Before I cleaned up th tang


Some of my own Hop Knocker IPA

And with the CCK

Used it a few ago to dice a few # of onions, and am happy. Not bad for a few minuets with a dremel and a torch while I sit here drinking and waiting