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Thread: Church key fobs

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    Church key is a bottle opener. Screwdriver at the tip is just a bonus.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I always thought a church key, while being able to open bottles, must also be able to function as a can opener.
    I suppose because the term really only brings to mind the basic double-end opener, with a flat opener and a pointed one.
    This is likely to be something that varies regionally as well I suppose.
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    I can see a sweet freestyle rap coming from one of these:

    With my dammy church key, made custom by Ealy. We poppin' bottles with blonde models, you know girlies lookin' hot yes. I'm notaskinnychef, I must confess, but this fob brings round the best. When you hang your keys from damascus, you can guess all the ass ya get. Thanks to Delbert from Northern Michigan, I'm feelin' hella rich again....young money.

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    I didn't know Canadians could get down like that....
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    hahaha i hope you rap all that time.

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    Those are cool Del -

    I remember when beverage cans had no pull tab device so you used your "Churchkey" to put two holes in the can to drink. Or you used the other end for bottle caps, but you never went anywhere without one. Can openers were different I used to carry a P-38 on my neck chain.

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