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Thread: Death to celebrity chefs!!!

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    This also made me tear up as I was laughing so hard
    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Oh man, my eyes were watering after reading this for 15 minutes. Thanks for that. This is the one that pushed me over the edge.

    "Whenever I know chef is about to use the plastic wrap I run my knife over the center of the roll & unroll half of it like 15 times"


    Edit: Must get back on topic. Sorry Knyfe.

    Respect all Fear none

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBoar View Post
    Emeril motivated me to start playing in the kitchen again back in the late-90s. Had a great meal in his LV resturant back then (don't remember if it was in Bellagio or Venetian). I think there were a lot less celeb chef restautrants in Vegas back then.
    That was probably Emeril's Fish House in the MGM Grand. I had the intention of eating there but ended up at Mark Miller's Coyote Cafe instead and it was excellent.

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