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Thread: Moritaka on Rakuten International

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    Quote Originally Posted by rancho View Post
    even if you noticed a 'fault' would it make a difference? would you fall out of love with it even though it's performed so well for you? dave mentioned issues with moritakas via an email chat when i ordered them and when they arrived i had a quick look but couldnt see any major issues. after sharpening, another quick look and no issues. they perform fantastically so i see no reason to go looking for problems. im a photography enthusiast too (and work in the photo business) and it's a similar thing, there'll be a lens that everyone absolutely loves for the price and it performs brilliantly, but then there'll be a thread on a forum pointing out an issue and suddenly just about every single person's copy of the lens has the fault and they all hate it.

    if it works, it works
    I have noticed a slight over grind issue on my Moritakas,and it did bother me for a while.It seems to have gotten better after some time on the stones.Performance is still fantastic so I have no regrets whatsoever.But thanks to Dave(and this forum) I know what to look for in the future.
    No love lost for Moritaka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potato42 View Post
    That's a great post Jay. I've been out of it for a little while, any idea how you would fit Konosuke in there? A few people had them, then it seemed like there was an explosion for the big group buy. What's the verdict now? I'm still in love with my custom white #2 Chuckabocho
    My impression is that the Konosuke group buy, which you did a very good job on, created a demand. Owners were posting glowing reviews. The high cost of shipping was discouraging people from placing orders.

    CKTG and JKI, both picked up Konosuke. Mr. Broida created some buzz with the HD line.

    The ITK was probably the next IT knife. Hoss couldn't make them fast enough. The scarcity of the knife, plus it not being a laser, appeared to take some of the luster off. I'm sure Mark could still sell as many as Hoss could produce. It sounds like Hoss has his plate full with custom orders, plus forging Damascus steel.

    The semi-stainless steel that is in the Konosuke HD and JCK Carbonext are getting attention. An argument could be made that Konosuke is the brand of choice at the moment.

    There is some interesting stuff, that could change how we look at knives in the next several years. The first is this web site. Dave has gathered some of the top knife makers in the country on one forum. I'm sure they are well aware of each others work, but we are getting to see it. Hopefully the sharing of information between makers and users will lead to some kick ass knives.

    Mr. Broida with JKI, is another new factor. A knife vendor who is a knife nut, who knows what western cooks want, and can find those knives in Japan at a very good price. He can work with the customer, and have custom made knife that fits their needs. The Gesshin line appears to be promising.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    What happens is the maker grinds the bevels from the blade face down towards the cutting edge and stops just before he breaks into the edge. If he spends too much time grinding, or is heavy handed, in one section this is an overgrind on the side of the knife that extends down to the edge but because he stops short of blowing through into the edge it isn't seen. Now along comes the knife owner who removes metal at the edge through sharpening and he breaks through into the overgrind and the hole appears and does nothing but grow bigger from this point forward.
    Just out of my stupid curiosity. If 'holes' can occur, I imagine the opposite can also happen where there is a raised area that was not ground down enough. Does that happen a lot and create problems? I guess it is easier to fix as you still have metal to take away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    No actually, not that I've seen.
    that doesn't surprise me, as i imagine it would be a lot easier to not notice that you've overground something than it would be the other way around.

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    This thread is a fascinating read. I recently bought an it knife - a Konosuke HD. We shall see if it falls out of favor in a few years.

    Before this I bought a commonly recommended 'budget' knife, a fujiwara carbon,which i still think is an excellent deal. The only issue, which isn't that big of an issue to me, is that the steel on this knife is very reactive. Because of this i decide to force a patina using darkhoek's method which has solved the problem.

    I am quite impressed with the fit and finish on that knife, especially at the low price point.

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