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Thread: New guy from NJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by The hekler View Post
    Great to have another Italian from Jersey. Although it was my fathers mother that passed on anything close to cooking skills to me, mothers side is all German/English/Irish meaning there is no talent there. I know Theory is in central jersey as was I before I relocated to Georgia (awful, closest thing I got to pizza was Brooklyn style dominos which was awful). When getting into cutlery I stated with a 180mm shigefusa gyuto, the brand was great the size was awful I would suggest getting a 240mm or 270mm gyuto with 5 people in the household, if you give the guys here a budget and an idea of what you usually work with/expect from a knife the guys here wil give you plenty of quality knives to look at. I would also recommends Japanese Knife Imports (JKI), I've never dealt with them but I've never heard a bad word about Jon or the way he does business. From what is posted here he tries to recommend what is the best for you regardless of if he carries it.
    Hey thanks everyone! My sicilian grandmother was the pizza master... Lol... No one in my family comes close and many have tried...

    I think I'm chopper and minimalist... So with that I was thinking of going the Chinese cleaver route.

    Since I don't know the first thing about sharpening was thinking of getting a CCK 1103 or 1303 so I can practice and then move up to a nicer one.

    Good idea, or do I just go right for a suien or something?

    Also I could use some advice on what sort of stone(s) or sharpening technique I should concentrate on?

    Any help/direction is appreciated...

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    Welcome! Theory's advice is sound... especially about getting your knives delivered to work. Learned that one the hard way
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    Yeah, "Rick, you got another package today....."
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    Yeah, "Rick, you got another package today....."
    Yeah, all year long.
    How can she even stand me?
    Just wait til she finds out how much I paid for the Takeda Pocket Knife LOL
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    welcome from another NJ guy on here...Italian too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sudsy9977 View Post
    we don't have enough people from nj on here!....welcome aboard....ryan

    Welcome. From one NJ goombah to another!

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