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Thread: Looking for something thin and hard!

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    Looking for something thin and hard!

    I'm in the market for a new gyuto, probably a 240. My go to now is a 240 Fujiwara FKM, and I love the weight (7.6oz) compared the the Germans I used to wield. I'd like to go lighter, but I'm open to options at the same weight also. I've even been toying with the idea if I would like a laser.

    I'm looking for something with better edge retention though. I've been looking for something in tool steal, or similar hardness and edge holding ability. I'm stepping up a bit from the Fuji here. I don't want a pure carbon knife, as I do prefer stainless in a professional kitchen, but I am open to clad with carbon cores. I'm also open to Wa or Yo handles.

    I ok with whetstones (getting better) so I do my own sharpening. Currently use an Imanishi 1K, 6K, various strops, and an Idahone fine ceramic rod. I don't mind having to do a little thinning, but I don't want something I have to make into a project.

    Here's a few I've been eying:

    Akifusa PM
    Wish it was a bit thinner and lighter

    Same, a bit lighter would be nice

    Yoshikane Hammer
    Love the look, have heard it's bulky though

    Kumagoro Hammer
    Love the look also, not sure of the weight, EE has the 180mm, 210, and 240 all listed as 4.64oz

    Aritsugo A-Style http://yhst-27988581933240.stores.ya...-wa-gy240.html
    Seems like the knife I'm looking for... but i don't think I'm up for the initial edge setting! Wouldn't mind running across one of these used.

    I know there's others out there, and I'm welcome to suggestions. So anything out there you guys think would fit my wants? Thin and light, great edge retention, stainless or semi stainless.

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    out of those, the carbonext will be the thinnest. I'd check out sakai yusuke, gesshin ginga/kagero, and yoshikane kasumi if I were you. The yusuke stainless are a bit soft (HrC ~ 58), but you can pay the seller a small amount of money to bump it up to 60 or 61

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    Maybe the konosuke hd 240mm? What's your budget?
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    +1 on gesshin ginga or Sakai yusuke.

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    Possibly a Suisin IH or Gesshin Ginga?
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