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Thread: Modern Steel equivalent to Japanese Tamahagane

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    that one and some notes he sent along with the book
    yes I read it too pretty nice stuff . It helped me improve my strop a lot too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainaman View Post
    yes I read it too pretty nice stuff . It helped me improve my strop a lot too.
    yeah... his talks about stropping and also the amount of time spent on each stone really make a lot of sense to me. Admittedly, i'm not a straight razor guy, so i'm always coming from the perspective of how i can make these things work for me with kitchen knives, so i probably read it a bit differently than most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    Excellent parallel! And as far as what most closely relates to tamahagane, which tamahagane?
    This is very true, I was using local materials(michigan), which may have an entirely different make-up than those listed(I am referring to the trace elements).

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman01 View Post
    Sounds like it needs to be translated to English.
    it has been translated recently
    you can find the link for the D/L there.

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    I agree with others that tamahagane is about the process and the tradition. In my opinion there is no reason to copy the composition.

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