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Thread: Misono Swedish Steel Suji, should I wait for dragon?

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    Misono Swedish Steel Suji, should I wait for dragon?

    Hi all,

    New member here. I am looking to purchase a sujihiki soon. I have had one previous Japanese knife, a shun/Kai tan ren gyuto that I now realize was a cheap excuse from crate &barrel. I am looking forward to using the suji for all sorts of tasks beyond slicing, and if I can't make it work, I can always have the gyuto to fall back on. I am considering the misono because I am interested to try carbon steel, the misono is available completely setup for a lefty, and I want something with decent f&f. My budget is really <$250, so the misono 270mm suji is stretching it. My questions are: for f&f, left hand availability, and all around quality, is there any others I should consider? I would have to wait for it to be made if I desire to have the dragon engraving/stamping on the left handed version, which would add 30-40 days. Would you get the dragon on your misono if given the choice? It seems very flashy to me but I am new so maybe I don't understand the significance. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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    I love my dragon gyuto. The fit and finish is great however for first time carbon user it's very reactive. But that's what I learned on so its doable.

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    Just buy a dragon and sharpen it asymmetrically yourself. No wait time.
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    The dragon will add to the market value. Wait.

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    Whats the deal with the dragons, don't they all have them? Or is it because of being a leftie it needs to be on the other side?

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    lefty needs it on other side me thinks, and probably sharpening it for lefty bevels. i waited for 3 weeks for my misono swedish hankotsu, and that doesn't even have the engraving. lol. then a week for delivery to my courier then another 2 weeks from there to my country. if i'm willing to wait for that, that might say something about the knives.

    my misono is currently in transit as we speak.

    even told me that my knife wasn't gonna get proper "finish" sharpening since the resident sharpener was on vacation. and i told them i was fine with that and can sharpen it myself. couldn't wait any longer. lol.


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    If you're set on Misono, I say wait for the Dragon. There are tons of great, and arguably better options, but I love my Misono Dragon and would have to be very hard pressed to ever sell it.

    Take a look around at:

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    Misono Swedish steel line is outstanding. I have a gyuto and a petty both of which are my go to knives at work. The steel is incredible reactive but will get much better as it forms a patina. They are also relatively easy to sharpen and maintain a great edge. I say wait it out because its totally worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuser View Post
    The dragon will add to the market value. Wait.
    i'm personally waiting for the raptor cobra falcon line

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    If you're willing to spend over $250 for the Misono, I would take a look at the Gesshin Ginga 270 Sujihiki.

    I've been using a 240 White Steel Wa Gyuto for a week or so. The gyuto is thin but stiff (I recall the sujihiki being a little flexible, but, then again, most are), very sharp OOTB, excellent fit and finish, handle is very nice, and it's only slightly reactive. It doesn't have the allure of the Dragon, but I bet the 270 White 2 Sujihiki performs very well. It also comes with a saya.
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