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Thread: 240mm Ino

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    240mm Ino

    Hello, Im selling my 240mm Ino.
    I purchased this knife a while back for $475
    It's a cladded white#2 knife.
    The handle was to big for me so I decided to try to slim it down.
    The horn ferrule must not have been totally in contact with the handle. When I got close to the shape I was looking for voids appeared at the bottom of the horn on either side of the handle. I then tried to fill the voids with some epoxy and some of the saw dust form the handle.When the epoxy dried the saw dust kept the look of wet saw dust.
    I have rounded the choil and spine on this and I have only sharpened it three times.
    I going to include a new handle on this knife, I just want to make it clear the handle is not for sale it is just a freebie because this knife is in desperate need of a new handle.
    I'm asking $400+ shipping, it comes with saya
    (the patina is free)

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    Price drop, $380.

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    Final price drop, $360.

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    would you consider a trade?

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    Sorry Mike, I have too many knives already and my GF would kill me.

    I will however offer one last final price drop.
    $340 including handle+ shipping

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    Someone is going to have to buy this--sweet deal!
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    can we see a choil shot?

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    can buyer choose any burl wood & design of handle??
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    No, I have one made for it.
    I also have a couple others that will fit.

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    SOmeone please buy this. I am about to sell all my knives (starting in PM mode to people who wanted them before) I cant justify buying this when I have bigger plans. BUT I am on the brink. I dont know why. I have a bad problem with buying stuff I wanna try at all costs. Help a brother out here
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