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Thread: Mould on stones

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    Mould on stones

    Mrs smiler put my king combo stone in the cupboard thinking it was dry. Mistake! It is now mouldier than a mouldy thing. Anyone have any experiance with mould on their stones?

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    Rust- yes. Mold- no...
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    Stones rust?

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    My stones rust.
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    I got a little on mine from premature repacking....hitem with the steel plate next session, all gone.
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    After flattening, I' have heard some use a tiny tiny bit of bleach in the water. Did I mention it was a tiny bit?
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    A moldy thing? lol

    +1 on the bit of bleach...I've heard of places putting a cap full in the soft serve machine as a mold inhibiter...
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    Happened to me once, someone put my chinese 1k stone into drawer while it was still wet. Flattened it and had no problems since.

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    I permasoak my WA stones and JNS 1k's in bleach water to no ill effect. The one time I had a stone with mold on it, I lapped it clean and placed it in bleach water, and have since had no problems. But, as was mentioned earlier, it should be a tiny tiny amount of bleach added to several liters of water. I use 1 cap full to 6 liters.

    Disclaimer: I only use this on my permasoak stones (ie. my bevel setters).

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    Is there a good way to determine which stones are suitable for permasoaking?

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