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Thread: A few questions before I put myself in pain. Aritsugu A-Type

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    I got my 270 gyuto years ago from the aframes and don't know the thickness difference between 240 and 270.
    It took long time for me to thin it and to put convex grind on the right side.
    (the steel of it was very sticky on my stones until I removed factory grind lines on the suface of the blade).
    Now it performs really great - just a little shy of Shige laser but it is a real tank.
    I hope you still enjoy your knife. :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by RR13 View Post
    Received my A-Type 240 Gyuto from aframestokyo yesterday. Four days from Hawaii to Florida, not bad. Here's a couple of pics on how it arrived out of the box, sharpened by Takeshi Aoki at aframes. In an earlier email, he said he sharpens them at 90/10, 30 degree right hand bevel. I'm not good with guessing degree's, but I think the A-Type will be getting a little steeper edge in the near future. I'm pretty happy with what he sent me though. The 240 is thinner than I thought it would be, and I'm not going to have to remove as much material as anticipated. I've read the horror stories about how bulky the are, but I think that mainly applies to the 270's. BTW, it came sharp enough to shave my arm hair, and push cut paper. I'll put it through some food tomorrow, just to see how it wedges and all with this bevel.

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    so the 270s are definitely way thicker than 240s? damn.

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    Quite a bit thicker. The 270 feels like a bulldozer compared to the 240. It's hard to beat that retention though.

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