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Thread: A few questions before I put myself in pain. Aritsugu A-Type

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    A few questions before I put myself in pain. Aritsugu A-Type

    Some of you might of seen in a recent thread of mine, I am looking for a new 240 gyuto workhorse. I'm pretty set on an A-Type, and I've decided to just suck it up and put myself through the torture of getting the initial bevel set up. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on the edge that Takeshi Aoki at AframesTokyo sends it with. I know there is NOOOOO WAY I want one sharpened by Aritsugu from what I have read. I emailed him about the knife and edge, and he had this to say:

    I usually ask to Aritsugu sending me all my stock for un-sharpened condition, and I sharpen them before shipping, so if you do not want me to sharpen it, I can ship it without sharpening the blade.

    Aritsugu usually put on the initial bevel 90/10 like right hand set single bevel, and I have never measure it, but it should be around 30 degree.

    Therefore, I usually make 30 degree right hand bevel, and remove just burr on the left hand side with the degree as low as possible like 10 degree.

    However, if you prefer to 50/50 double bevel set or left hand set bevel, I can do it.

    Thank you.

    Takeshi C. Aoki
    My question is, has anyone received an A-Type from Aoki that he has sharpened, and how was it? I keep reading how they come with no edge at all, and am prepared for that. Any advice on if I should have him send it unsharpened or let him grind away a little? I'll be looking to put a 90/10 right hand bevel on it.

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    Ohh and to add, I know that even with the edge that he sends it with, I'll be doing some thinning. I'm not looking for it to be ready to go OOTB.

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    Couldn't you ask him to put a 15 degree bevel on it, and just deburr at 10?? So, whatever you want, a lot of the work will have been done.

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    Couldn't you ask him to put a 15 degree bevel on it, and just deburr at 10??
    I will probably ask him, but I just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with his sharpened A-Types. All the horror stories have me spooked!

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    No idea about his sharpening prowess. I'd do it myself, regardless. Good to see someone out there still appreciates the A-type. I have a lot of knives and mine is still top 5, easy.

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    Good to see someone out there still appreciates the A-type
    It just seems to be the perfect workhorse knife for me. Weight, thickness, profile, and of course the famed edge retention. This will be my all round gyuto at work, whether I'm splitting lobster tails or cutting chiffonade basil.

    This also will be a test of my whetstone skills! I've thinned knives a bit, and of course sharpen my own knives, but I've never had to set up bevels like I'm assuming I'm going to have to do with an A-Type. I'm looking at it as a challenge, and a learning experience, and I'm sure I'll come out of it more skilled... hopefully. I'm thinking a XXC diamond plate, 500 Beston, 1000 and 6000 Imanishi should do it... again, hopefully!

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    Maybe everybody's already seen this, but here's a youtube vid of Jon Broida working on a A-Type:

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    I did see that. What I thought the video was missing was the actual time he spent grinding on each stone. Nice vid though.

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    can i ask what is it about aritsugu a types that make them worth all the thinning trouble? is it the steel used?

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    I believe it's a combination of the steel and the amount of it that needs to be removed to make it perform well.

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