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Thread: FS/FT: TI Nogent "Tranchelard" Knives

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    FS/FT: TI Nogent "Tranchelard" Knives

    I'm looking to sell or trade my 10" Sabatier Nogent Slicer, 6" Sabatier Nogent Utility (slicer) and 3" Sabatier Nogent Parer.

    The knives all come with original boxes. These are all tranchelard patterned knives--the classical French pattern--and they are very thin. I bought two sets, one for my house and one for travel, but the travel set receives very little use so I am selling.

    $200 + S&H (Paypal add 3%). NOTE*** I am only selling/trading these knives as a set. I'm not willing to break them up.

    Considering trades on: Belgian Coticule, Moritaka 240mm Gyuto, Murray Carter Funayuki (riveted), or any really interesting knife.

    I will of course clean the patina off of the knives, and oil the blades, before they are shipped.


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    I would only remove the patina if requested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuser View Post
    I would only remove the patina if requested.
    Good call.

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    Still available.

    I am considering trades on a 240mm gyuto so PM me if interested.

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    These have all SOLD!

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