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Thread: Brand new Shigefusa 210mm (216mm measured) kasumi wa-gyuto

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    Brand new Shigefusa 210mm (216mm measured) kasumi wa-gyuto

    Just received this in the mail from Rakuten--it is brand new.

    It was an impulse buy, and I have a custom order coming up that I need to free up funds for. If I could, I would keep it. I used to own a 240mm Shigefusa and I've handled several in the past, but I've never seen one with the beautiful swirly lines this one has (so-called "clouds").

    I tried my best to capture them on my camera, but they are elusive and very difficult to photograph--primarily because of the lighting. Yet, they are very visible and cover the entire blade.

    It measures 216mm from heel to tip.

    I'm only looking to break even. Taxes and brokerage fees have been paid--obviously I would ensure that the buyer would not have to worry about these excess charges.

    $480 + S&H (Paypal add 3%).

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    pm sent

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    PM's sent to all. No holding this knife and until someone commits, it's still available.


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    Sale pending.

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