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Thread: What's your favorite recipe to test drive a new knife?

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I know I can think of things myself, but it's always good to get some other ideas to expand my thinking.

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    take it to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cclin View Post
    tomato beef stew for me. you can do tomato test first. then, mince herbs + cut many hard root vegetables and raw proteins!
    Ditto. Followed by a batch of salsa.

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    Soups mostly, salads second. I like testing knives out on really big jicama too. It is like an apple with some potato stickiness to it.

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    And K, it tastes awesome....

    I usually do a stir-fry, with lots of onions and peppers and ginger. Then I'll hit the potatoes and other harder veg. Then I take it to work and just use the crap out of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    take it to work.
    Well, I don't cook professionally, but it's a good idea for those who do.

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    Put my Hiro AS 270 to work on a pot of chili today. It sliced, it diced, it crushed, it minced - damn this is a nice knife!!

    3 lbs sirloin
    large onion
    2 red peppers
    5 cloves garlic
    Qt. beef stock
    my MoTone Road Salt
    black & white pepper
    hungarian paprika
    2 Tbs pancake mix
    6 dried chilies - (Ancho, Guajilla & Arbol) - seeded, pan toasted and ground
    bouquet garni of sliced carrot and celery
    black beans, small red chili beans and white hominy

    It's freaking delicious

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    I forgot to add the 15 oz can of fire roasted tomatoes I reduced to a paste. Nice flavor that -

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    I've seen handles burned like that a few times. I'm not even going to comment on the beans....
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    What - you got bean issues?

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