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Thread: Anyone here score this?

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    Not I.
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    No. But I have noticed that the price of Forgecrafts has gone up considerably lately over on the 'Bay. And I'm pretty sure it's all Son's fault...
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    damnit Dave, that listing just sent me on a 30min ebay butcher knife spree.

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    That looks to me like they got a stone cold bargain, and I know precious little about knives. Any idea what it is [further than a 165mm carbon deba] and what it is really worth, Dave?

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    I saw it and I do blame myself for the forgecrafts, I can't even afford to buy them myself anymore. I saw one the other day go for $85 on the bay.
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    Especially the mint chefs knives...seems like slicers and butchers can still be had reasonably.

    Glad I'm not the only one typing in words like * carbon, *vintage, *chef knife, *cleaver,
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    I was thinking about it, but I don't need another project.

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    I still tease myself every couple of weeks but I have cut back on that since running up 4 sab slicers / parings in one week. It is getting hard to justify the increase in the knife block to the wife and I have a Marko and Mario in the works. My goal is to start checking out the yard sales once it gets warm.

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    I hear ya - I get the stink eye every time a box gets delivered lately.

    I need to make some disappear soon I'm running out of ways to justify having three 10" Forgecrafts and a couple of 12s. And I have a Yoshihiro 270 gyuto on the way.

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