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Thread: Dentoukougeishi Sharpener Visiting Korin: March 3rd

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    Dentoukougeishi Sharpener Visiting Korin: March 3rd

    Shigehiro Kasahara is a professional kitchen knife craftsman who is certified as a Master of Japanese Traditional Crafts (dentoukougeishi) for blade grinding and sharpening by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. He has participated in competitions and has won several awards including All Japan Knife Show in 1993, Sakai Blades
    International Design Competition in 1996, Kinki/Chugoku/Shikoku Traditional Craft Fair in 2006.

    He will be visiting New York for the first time and will be holding a demonstration at Korin on March 2rd.

    It is a free event from 2pm to 5pm.

    There will be a promotional in-store sale during this time. What promotion has not been confirmed.

    If you can make, we would love to see you there.

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    I'm definitely going to try to be there.

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    Sounds amazing, wish I lived closer.
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    Any chance at a second demo on Sunday for folks working Saturdays!? Please!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edredlee View Post
    Any chance at a second demo on Sunday for folks working Saturdays!? Please!?
    Oh no! I wish you could come. We'll be filming it, so I'll be sure to throw it up here.

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    I look forward to seeing you there and meeting you in person!

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    The title says March 3rd but in the body it says the 2nd. Which day will this be so I can plan accordingly?
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    2nd. Sorry typo and by the time I noticed it was too late to edit. D:

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    Too bad I'm not in NYC, would be great to attend.

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    awesome, i'll try to make it!

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