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Thread: Found a local knife sharpening system

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    Found a local knife sharpening system Obviously not meant for j knives, but as he mentions butcher's knives etc. Doesn't seem to be able to go any lower than 22 degrees.

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    Angle doesn't remain constant. As the tangent decreases at the tip the angle changes.

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    Without getting out protractors and putting my geometry hat on, isn't that even more pronounced with an Edge Pro with a fixed point at one end?

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    This system holds the knife in place and allows for the stone arm/rod to move where the EP holds the stone arm/rod in place and allows for the knife to move. It's likely working very similar to each other in this regard.

    This is one of the downfalls of jigs, they do what they want vs what you want or better said - what the knife needs.

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    I think Carter says it best,when you use jigs & pull thru's are pushing the respon. to the jig instead of your own skill.A steady spine is important when freehanding,but you can tailor your edges to diff. knives & the jobs they are meant to do.

    I know that with wood tools a jig can be helpful,but even these can be freehanded wt. slipstones.JMO think that the best way to sharpen kitchen knives is to learn freehand skills on a whetstone.

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