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Thread: Thiers-Issard ****elephant knife failure - where to buy replacement

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    Question Thiers-Issard ****elephant knife failure - where to buy replacement

    I have several "Sabatier" kitchen knives, most are manufactured by Thiers-Issard****elephant logo-France and are stainless steel, full tang, black handle, three rivets. Mother in Law (age 90) dropped one knife on wood floor and, (surprise) the blade broke about 1/2 in forward of tang. Inspection showed a significant internal metallurgical defect in forged steel blade, rather obvious too. A decent, but far from excellent, I've had this knife for about 15-years. Told wife to "throw it out", but she said, "just go to store and get free replacement since it has life-time guarantee". Not sure if this brand of Sabitier knife is sold any more in USA, but if so, who might sell? Sabitiers I see are manufactured by Econome-France, but I never see Thiers-Issard****elephant any more.
    On the other hand, I much prefer old fashioned high-carbon steel. Yep, CS looks like crap, but a few strokes on stone and razor sharp. All my pocket knives are CS. But wife loves stainless.... Any recommendations?

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    you can choose here between carbon, nogent carbon, stainless and a few others (Canadian)

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    I know TBT or " The best things" store online sells them.
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    Hope this dosn't not violate any rules , but have you considered Messermeister, I have several , various shapes & sizes. they're great knives
    and not that expensive compared to Japanese steel knives.

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    why don't you send them an email ?
    Can't hurt, eh?

    In fact I just googled "thiers issard" and
    found this page.... it's a uk site, but it would seem like well worth sending them a message....

    scroll down and you find this, plus a contact for

    If you are having a problem with your Thiers-Issard four-star elephant Sabatier knife, we will be pleased to help - just contact us on the form below. If however your knife does NOT bear the Thiers-Issard trademark shown below then I’m afraid we cannot help, as it was made by one of the other cutlers who -as mentioned at the top of this page - legally use the name ‘ Sabatier’. In this case we suggest referring to this link in Wikipedia that may assist."

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