Happy Birthday, Son!!
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Thread: Happy Birthday, Son!!

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    Happy Birthday, Son!!

    I noticed Son posted something about cooking his own birthday dinner today... I'm not entirely sure if it was today or it passed, but there doesn't seem to be a happy birthday post to this wonderful person.

    Happy birthday, Son!!

    I hope you have a lovely lovely day and wish you nothing but happiness! Thank you so much for being the kind and generous person that you are.

    [Edit] It was his birthday yesterday.

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    Happy Birthday Son!!!

    Hey Son,

    I am a day late and a dollar short but hope you had a happy birthday yesterday! I just figured you were making it a birthday weekend.

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    Happy birthday to one of the forum's best.
    "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." —Mark Twain

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    Happy belated birthday, Son! Really great to have you sharing your knowledge and passion with us on KKF.

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    Happy Birthday Son, sorry I missed it. I'm usually good about checking the calendar!
    Thanks for all you've done for me and for KKF. Something as simple as you gifting me that 100 year old Henkel at ECG last year got me even more into all this crazy knife stuff than is probably healthy for me.
    Muchas Gracias brother, I can't say it enough.
    If "Its" and "Buts" was candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas
    -Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon

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    Happy birthday my friend..i hope you have an amazing day!!

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    Happy BD and many more! Watch those sodium levels, will ya?
    Spike C
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    It was??? Dammit, I missed it.

    Happy Birthday, my friend!

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    Hope you enjoyed a great birthday Son

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