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Thread: What's the limit?

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    If I have to establish a primary edge I use a Gesshin 400 then 1k then 6k then strop on cardboard then news paper. I have no desire to go higher in grit as I find it makes for a duller feeling edge.

    If I'm thinning I'll start with a diamond plate then go to the 400 then upwards. I recently got a 240 green stone and a 3k that I'm going to try for protein use knives.

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    I usually go with beston 500 then gesshin 1k and 5k then balsa strop. Although some knives I finish with the king 6000 instead and others I only go to a blue aoto 2k bc I feel it finishes more like a 3k or 4k. I know it quirky but I think I finally have a system that works for me.

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