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Thread: Sharpening my Yusuke

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    Senior Member Aphex's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    The Yusuke's do have bevels, they're just really tiny and feather like. I haven't sharpened my KS clone yet, but i have done with a friends standard profile knife. I decided to use the sharpie trick and start with a quite conservative 15-20 degree angles using a chosera 400 to begin with. It only needed 3 to 4 strokes on the stone before i felt a lite burr. After giving it a quick rinse and dry, I could see that the most of the ink had gone (there was some on the side of the knife as the edge was so thin) and i had the tiny bevels i were looking for.

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    Senior Member Keith Sinclair's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Like tk59 said if thinning don't do it too long or wt. excess finger pad pressure.I have the Yusuke thin white steel,it's one of my favorite knives.It does come wt. that feather like bevel,mine was close to 50/50.The steel is so thin at the edge.How I do it-shallow angle both sides 1K,burr raised after one pass,flip it over do the same,remove burr lite sweep on stone--4K polish original bevel,then kick in final bevel(how high you like your final bevel is up to you)it adds strength to that fine blade road.

    On the Yusuke I put final bevel on both sides,on more assem. edges I might put it on just one side.

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    Senior Member samuelpeter's Avatar
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    I put a hard/steep bevel on my left side (I'm a lefty) and have found the knife to be a better cutter now without any any ill side effects. Mine may have needed thinning more than yours.

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