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Thread: le Crueset enameled dutch oven. mine has gotten UGLY.

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    I used some BKF this morning. Interior bottom still has some light brown color (I don't really mind it). Exterior bottom is mostly clean now--it had some darker brown areas from direct contact with burners.

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    Uhhhh that's why I like Staub....they're already black inside. Oh don't get me wrong I purchased the LC version of the chicken fryer, which I love for making small batch soups, chili, etc.

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    I just use powdered BKF and a Scotchbrite pad. No problemo.
    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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    yeah staub for me too. if only they didn't cost twice here. lol.

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    So here are some pictures. You can see how clean the pie dish got. That's usually how clean my pans would get after one boiling with baking soda. This time I either didn't add enough baking soda, didn't boil long enough, need to repeat the process, or need to try vinegar. The pan this time only got a little cleaner (you can see the brown stains on the left are gone but the ones on the right are there). There was a time when that pan used to look like the pie dish did in the before picture.



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