A few years ago a knife maker at a show told me about a guy with a bunch of Ebony.
He had been the sawyer milling Ebony for an importer back in the 80s. As a bonus he got to keep the shorts (pieces under 3 foot long).
Over the years he had accumulated quite a bit of good ebony. Now he is semi retired and does his own woodworking projects when he is not off on a road trip riding his Harley. I was finally able to get in touch with him and made a trip out to his place. When I left we were both happy. He had several hundred dollars cash in his pocket and I had a bunch of beautiful Ebony.

This is really good and dry old stock Ebony. Good looking and fairly easy to work with. The grain is a bit coarser than the black African Ebony, but it is less prone to problems when you are working with it.

Here is a photo of the pieces I just added to our web store.
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