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Thread: Sharp Story

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    well damn, i ran to the kitchen (glad i'm working from home, today!) and tried the test out for myself. the only one of my gyutos which passes this test is my 240 Shigifusa, which is heaviest by a fair margin. i have more work to do, i guess. every time i conquer your latest test and think i've just about eked all the performance i can out of my edges, you come up with some new goal.

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    That's my problem to. It's always "what's next?"

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    And like you mentioned in the other thread, the knife isn't a beast like a Shige. It's 177g. Well done TK!

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    TK, you've set the bar for me when it comes to my sharpening goals and as always, thanks for sharing Salty.

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    Thanks guys but I bet a lot of guys here can pass this test. I'm happy to join the club. Also, Salty did do some stropping. Depending on how much he did, it can have a big effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    I bet a lot of guys here can pass this test. I'm happy to join the club.
    Yes, but not all of us have a sweet video cam to record the glory! Great job TK. I love seeing/knowing how much everyone has progressed and refined their skills...I think that is what makes sharpening so fun and addictive.

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    I love shows that there's always another level of sharp out there and it's cool that you guys are willing to share your experiences with us. I've been chasing the ultimate edge for years and I can never get closer than nipping at it's heals, it's a very elusive goal for sure that I know I'll never attain.

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    PS - The weight of the knife on the tomato (only - no movement) test that's shown here is just about as good as one can ever hope for, well besides edge retention as well, but this is a very high level of sharpness shown.

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    Jenkies that's sharp!

    Bravo tk and thanks for posting Salty.

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    Eeek! That is crazy sharp! Bravo, to both you and (mostly) TK for your lighter-than-air hands. there's just no brute forcing your way to an edge like that!

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