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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    "Peed out my butt . . . " yeah #2 FTW
    That and the line, "the next morning the aromas came flooding back to me" had me and my wife gasping from laughing.
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    these are still my favorite reviews:
    The guy with the icecream/sprouts had me crying! Funniest thing I've ever read! Thanks Son
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crothcipt View Post
    Omg.... I can't stop laughing. I can't stop crying. One thing..... I don't want to know,... How did you come across these posts?
    This is from wildboar awhile back, I think.
    I haven't lived the life I wanted, just the lives I needed too at the time.

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    i needed this in my life so badly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmadams13 View Post
    Great great stuff. "I'm just glad they removed the nipples..." Best line ever
    +1 totally just made my day

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    these are still my favorite reviews:
    That was really funny.I know I am programmed by cultural trends,when I was in Italy yrs. ago,I would see stunning women wt. hair on their legs & think why don't they shave?Obviously Italian men had no problem wt. it,it was my cultural bias.

    Now personally I don't like women shaving off pubic hair,a trim is OK,I think hair down there is sexy.It's the sign of a Woman,not a pre pubic little girl.

    Maybe because I've spent my life in Hawaii,don't care for spiked heels either.I know it's supposed to make womens legs look longer.I like barefoot Hula Dancer's wt ankle flowers.Bali Dancers,India dance,barefoot & sexy.When I see women dancing in spiked heels to me it looks stupid,maybe I have lost some of my cultural bias in older age.

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