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There is another guy in Columbia I think, Williams made knives. There was also a Garden and Gun article on him. He charges a whopping $275 for his Edisto oyster knife! His knives look decent and I contacted the company for more info 6 months ago, but have received nothing.
Would love to do a passaround with a Carolina guy's knife!
I actually have one of the Williams fillet knives (the "wando") that someone gave me several years ago as a christmas present. The strangest thing is I received the blade dull, with a note saying he doesn't like to send out blades sharp and just a few passes over a stone would have it sharp as anything. Not ideal to say the least, I still haven't put enough work into it to get it all that sharp. Very nice handle, but pretty thick behind the edge. Even after only a few months of getting into all this high end kitchen knife knowledge I already feel like a snob about any knife I'd buy in the future. But I'm sure any dedicated maker gets better and better over time.